Just Play Westchester provides services for children who may experience difficulties, such as:

Poor upper body strength and/or weak core muscles

Fine and gross motor delays

Having difficulty in school or poor grades, despite normal or high IQ/ intelligence

Difficulty relating to peers or making friends

Poor eye-hand coordination

Handwriting problems

Short attention span

Problems with expressing feelings and emotions and/or does not accept affection

Self-regulation problems

Clumsiness or poor coordination

Poor or limited eye contact

Tantrums, stubborn and uncooperative behavior

Lack of or exaggeration reactions to various sensations

Tires easily or hyperactive 

Poor posture, slouching or drooling

Disregard for safety

Lacks age appropriate skills (such as dressing, throwing/catching)

Difficulty with self-organization (i.e. room, desk, school, bag, etc.) & time management